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October 4, 2013

Leave Ignorance In The Past

article-2434351-184d329400000578-315_634x348I just read an article that broke my heart.  A young Latina pageant winner, Jakiyah McKoy, was stripped of her crown for not appearing “Latin enough.” Now, I have issue with putting young girls in pageants, but that’s not why my heart broke.  Rather, it was the understanding that in this day and age our own community continues to help propagate ignorance and racism.

This self-loathing and internalized racism within our community that was passed down through centuries of colonization runs so deeply that some of our own community members would actually emotionally wound an innocent 7 year old child to prove some point that holds no validity in any way.  In fact, the adults involved in this decision have just epitomized every sense of the word “ignorance.”

My hermanas and hermanos, educate yourselves about who you really.  Stop buying into a belief system that taught you to hate darker skin or beautiful kinky hair.  Understand that we were taught to despise those parts of us so that we could be controlled and stripped of our power.

Think about how illogical it is to believe that somehow having pale skin over dark skin is superior or that having straight hair over curly hair somehow makes one better.  These beliefs are not even reasonable.  It’s pure utter nonsense, and every time you say, “oh, well, she doesn’t look Latina,” you are actually helping to propagate a mentality that disempowers our community and puts us at odds with each other.  You are also showing up in the world as uninformed, uneducated, and frankly, just plain unenlightened.

Learn about yourself and learn about others.  Learn the true history of where you come from.  This, my dear community, is how we access our greatness and how we break generations and cycles of poverty, marginalization, and disempowerment.

We are NOT lacking in any way.  Our diversity is our strength.  Our beautiful spectrum of all colors and varying hair textures are what makes us so wonderfully interesting.

Know who you are, truly, so you can set a course towards ongoing growth, evolution, and abundance.  Stop buying into beliefs that do not serve you, our community, or our planet.

If you want to support Jakiyah and have a voice in helping shape our community, please go to

Pa’lante Siempre!

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