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January 20, 2014

Are You Living Your Dream? – Dr. Martin Luther King’s Legacy

Martin-Luther-King-Jr-9365086-2-402I jumped out of bed this morning excited to start my day.  I had so much to share with my community and could barely contain my eagerness to get started.  My enthusiasm to be alive and to be living my dream, I imagined, would have given Martin Luther King a great feeling of joy.  I imagined for a moment that he would have smiled at me and said, “Cynthia, thank you for liberating your mind, body, and spirit.  Thank you for carrying my legacy in your actions.  Thank you for making my dream a reality in how you choose to live your life.”

Perhaps, some of you will think this is quite ostentatious of me.  However, it is this kind of imagining and dreaming that has propelled me into this life that I love so deeply.  And it is this kind of created dialogue that has helped me move every mental barrier that ever existed in my mind completely out of my way.  You see, for years I have conversed with my ancestors as though they were still alive and standing before me.  I have been beholden to them, keenly aware that every opportunity in my life was carved with their sweat and sacrifices.  It is this imagining that helped free me of negative behaviors that would have nullified their hard work, their resiliency, and their determination to stay alive despite the horrible conditions under which they lived.  I know that as they see me living my dream they are saying:

Well it was well worth it daughter, every blow we took, every indignity we suffered, to now watch how you live your life submerged in your passions and full of joy!

For many of you out there, you have lost sight of your dreams.  And while we are no longer segregated in the way our ancestors were, many of you continue to live in the shackles of your mind.  You are stuck in fear and worry, and you allow yourself to live in thoughts that betray your greatness. You buy into beliefs that were created to keep you in mediocrity.   If this is the case for you, then it is time to make some changes.

I believe the best thing we can do to honor Martin Luther King’s legacy, and those that paved the way with their sweat and tears, is to make sure we are living our dreams.  Our parents, grandparents, and ancestors lived under the tyranny of oppression.  And while many of the institutions that carried out those oppressive measures are still in existence, we no longer have to live that way.  We actually have the opportunity to liberate ourselves by liberating our beliefs about who we are in this world.  The greatest gift we can give those who came before us is to go after our dreams as though our lives depended on it.  After all, our people gave up their lives so that we could have these opportunities.

So today, as we honor and celebrate one of the greatest leaders to ever walk the planet, you might want to consider breaking through whatever mental barrier is standing in the way of your dreams and begin to take action towards those dreams!

¡Pa’lante Siempre! ¡Con Luz y Paz! ¡La Vida es un Tesoro!

(Forward Always! With Light and Peace! Life is a Treasure!)

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