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December 15, 2015

Reflections on 2015 – Ways to End Your Year Strong

2015-2016 GoldI was half asleep this morning when the title of this blog popped into my head. In my humanity, I sometimes, forget that the Divine is always running through me and using me to serve the planet. But moments like this morning are a constant reminder that I always have access to Source, that I am intimately connected to the Divine, and that we are all connected. Moments like this morning make it clear that the messages I get are not just for me, but, are meant to be shared. Holding this understanding in my heart and spirit brings me a level of joy and fulfillment that is beyond measure.

So, as I considered the reflections of 2015, it occurred to me that many people are ending this year with thoughts like:

“I can’t wait for this year to be over. It was a hard year and 2016 has to be better.”

In fact, I’ve been hearing numerous people express this exact sentiment during casual conversations at holiday events and gatherings. So, I took a moment to consider what was driving this idea, to move as quickly as possible through the final days of one year with the hopes that the New Year would bring a different experience.

Then, I was struck by how many people will expect a “better” year without actually doing anything to make it “better.” They will keep living the same way, doing the same things, and insanely expecting different results for 2016.

So, perhaps the first step to creating a different year for 2016 is to really take some time before this year is out to deeply reflect on the year and consider the areas of your life where you want to accomplish growth.

Now, let me be clear, this is not a time to have a self-bashing party. This would not be a beat-yourself-up opportunity.

Instead, use this time to lovingly and compassionately consider areas of your life that need a push. For example, if you have been struggling financially what can you do differently in 2016 that would bring financial growth. Do you need to shop less? Do you need to save more? Do you need to see a financial planner? Do you need to do something as simple as sit down and write out a budget, so that you know where and how you are spending your money?

My husband and I saw a financial planner last year, and we were completely amazed at how much money we spent on food. Yes, of course, we need to eat, but did we need to eat out as often as we were? No, of course, we didn’t. And as it turned out, when our financial planner sat us down to look at the numbers, we were able to plug the leak on where our money was going.

That knowledge informed us so that we could make a change. It wasn’t easy. Anybody that knows me knows the kitchen is my least favorite room of the house. And, yet, when I saw how much we were spending on eating out, I committed to a change. That commitment and the action of not eating out as often, going food shopping, and preparing simple meals, made a dramatic change for us in 2015. We were able to put away some money and get a household project completed that required financial resources.

Now, I could have gone into beat-up-mode and given myself a nice verbal mental lashing for running around town eating out all the time, except, that would have been completely useless. Nothing would have been accomplished, our money would not have returned, and we certainly couldn’t give back all the food we had eaten. Yes, I’m being silly, but it’s also the truth. Instead, I looked at what I could do to support a change that would benefit our lives and our goals.

Take this time to reflect on your year, and look at what you can do differently to make 2016 a better year. Grab a journal and a cup of tea, find a quiet spot, and jot down your thoughts. With love, consider small changes that you can make for 2016 that could make a huge impact for this coming year.

¡Pa’lante Siempre! ¡Con Luz y Paz! Cynthia

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