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The Family that Visions Together Can Make Their Dreams Come True!

Our Vision Board Party 2016

Knowing the power of envisioning what I want and seeing the results manifested in my life over and over again has completely sealed my belief in vision boards. So, for 2016, I decided that it would be wonderful to create vision boards with my new family and see what we could manifest collectively and individually. As a new wife and stepmother, I have been blessed with the husband of my dreams and his sons, who are incredible young men. My [...] Continue Reading »

Reflections on 2015 – Ways to End Your Year Strong

2015-2016 Gold

I was half asleep this morning when the title of this blog popped into my head. In my humanity, I sometimes, forget that the Divine is always running through me and using me to serve the planet. But moments like this morning are a constant reminder that I always have access to Source, that I am intimately connected to the Divine, and that we are all connected. Moments like this morning make it clear that the messages I get are [...] Continue Reading »

LatinTRENDS End of Summer Industry Event

LatinTRENDS celebrated its End of Summer bash at Stage 48 in NYC. This private industry event was attended by key influencers, bloggers, DJ’s, artist, filmmakers, photographers, civic leaders, politicians, local celebrities and entrepreneurs and co-hosted by five time GRAMMY® winner and salsa super star Gilberto Santa Rosa. This memorable evening celebrated the Latino community and some if its key influencers who rocked the red carpet. Some of the magazine’s guests included actresses Jessica Pimentel and Laura Garcia from “Orange is [...] Continue Reading »

If You Want to Change Your Life, Change Your Story!

latina reading book

One of the reasons I love being Latina comes in knowing and acknowledging the full and rich diversity that makes me who I am, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. As a Puerto Rican woman, I am a complex and colorful mix of several cultures. I honor and celebrate that cultural richness with pride and joy, but I am also keenly aware that the history of how these cultures came into contact with each other is a [...] Continue Reading »

Are You Living Your Dream? – Dr. Martin Luther King’s Legacy


I jumped out of bed this morning excited to start my day.  I had so much to share with my community and could barely contain my eagerness to get started.  My enthusiasm to be alive and to be living my dream, I imagined, would have given Martin Luther King a great feeling of joy.  I imagined for a moment that he would have smiled at me and said, “Cynthia, thank you for liberating your mind, body, and spirit.  Thank you [...] Continue Reading »