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Mujer, it’s your time to flourish!


I have been giving a lot of thought to happiness these days and what it truly means to be a happy Latina woman. I know that could seem obvious, given the fact that I have created a blog around happiness, but I think this bears more discussion. I mean really what does happiness mean for such a large and diverse group of women? A group of women that represent over 20 different countries and who make up nearly 50% of [...] Continue Reading »

Aye! Mami, please stop worrying!


I grew up with a loving, caring, devoted mother who was also what is commonly known as a “worried wart.”  She worried about me constantly, and to this day, though I am a highly efficient, wildly independent being, she still worries.  To my mother’s credit, she has always honored my spirited ways and supports me unconditionally. Yet, she still worries.  The fortunate side of my mother’s worried ways was that I was cared for and nurtured.  The unfortunate side of [...] Continue Reading »

Why Your Happiness Is Important To Me


For many years of my adult life, I struggled with the question of how to be happy. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried or no matter what changes I made, my happiness was always tittering.  I had happy moments but they were always short-lived and easily interrupted by the slightest daily challenges of life.  I went through most of my twenties and thirties actively searching for ways to be happier, always thinking that if I just could [...] Continue Reading »