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Throw New Year’s Resolutions Out The Window!


I Intentionally Never Make New Year’s Resolutions. After all, think about all the years gone by when you determined that you would finally get moving on that business idea of yours, or get healthier by eating better and exercising, or spend time working on that book you always wanted to write, only to look up at the end of the year no further along than the previous year. That’s because resolutions don’t work. And to add bad icing to that cake, [...] Continue Reading »

Love and Money


Guest Blogger, Diana Quinones. I was recently led to read The Money Keys by Karen Russo.  I say led, because I believe there are no accidents.  Reading this book has been an eye opening or rather an “I” opening experience on not only money but also love.  It is my hope to share this journey with you and create a dialogue where we can create a community of abundance and love in all areas of our lives. The Money Keys is [...] Continue Reading »

Are You Afraid to Face Your Money?


I’m not sure what national awareness theme we should celebrate in November, but I have decided to dedicate this month to financial wellness.  Who do I contact to make this official? But, seriously, as we move towards the end of yet another year, I’ll ask you: Have you met your financial goals for this year? Have you given any serious thought, energy, or time to getting yourself financially healthy? And then I’ll ask, “Are you afraid to face your money?” [...] Continue Reading »

Leave Ignorance In The Past


I just read an article that broke my heart.  A young Latina pageant winner, Jakiyah McKoy, was stripped of her crown for not appearing “Latin enough.” Now, I have issue with putting young girls in pageants, but that’s not why my heart broke.  Rather, it was the understanding that in this day and age our own community continues to help propagate ignorance and racism. This self-loathing and internalized racism within our community that was passed down through centuries of colonization runs [...] Continue Reading »

What To Do When You Really Screw-up


I am such a typical Latina sometimes.  You are probably wondering what I mean by that.  You may have even been slightly offended wondering what’s coming next.  That’s all okay.  I get it.  Believe me if I was sitting on the other side of that screen I would be waiting for your next words as well.  But, my darlings do not fret.  I made that statement with the greatest love and respect for my community and myself. Now, I’ll clarify.  [...] Continue Reading »