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March – Women’s History, National Nutrition, and Mantras for a Healthier Life!

pretty hispanic african american woman with healthy bowl of fres

“Today, the mind/body research is confirming what ancient healing traditions have always known: that the body and the mind are a unit. There is no disease that isn’t mental and emotional as well as physical. – Christine Northrup, MD March is a month that seems to hold so much power with the promise of tremendous hope and fresh beginnings. With the first glimmers of spring, we can clearly feel the energy around us re-awakening to the new possibilities of life. [...] Continue Reading »

You have everything you need, to have everything you want!


“Seek not outside yourself, heaven is within.” – Mary Lou Cook My Godfather, Robert Siverls, use to always say to me, “Cynthia, remember, you have everything you need, to have everything you want!” For many years, while I knew my Padrino’s (godfather’s) words held truth, I also felt slightly baffled by the meaning behind those words. My struggle with the essence of his message was held deeply inside of my own feelings of inadequacy, and a lack of belief that [...] Continue Reading »

Cynthia Interviewed by NBC Latino


“Hola Bellas! I’m so excited to share this article with all of you! It’s been an ongoing and challenging journey, and I have been diligent about my inner work. Now, this is how the inner work starts to manifest the dream life. Six Figures: A social worker teaches to use your own experiences for empowerment Cynthia Santiago is not your typical clinical social worker, she works full-time as a program director for counseling in New York City public schools, she [...] Continue Reading »

There is no disadvantage to being Latina!

Deep look into the future

“There is no disadvantage to being a woman, there is even less disadvantage to being Latina. You are especially equipped to have everything you want, if you can change your perspective about how you see yourself in the world.” On the heels of sharing my mantra on the Proud To Be Latina’s Empower Hour call today, I felt compelled to write on this subject. Of course my hope today in being on the Empower Hour, was to empower and inspire [...] Continue Reading »

Latina Wellness – Chosen as 1 of Top 6 Latina Health Bloggers of 2012 by

empowered women 2

Another favorite, Latina Wellness, is Cynthia Santiago’s blog, focused on mental and emotional health for the Latina, something many of us often forget as we selflessly serve our families and communities. Santiago offers her blog operating on the mission, “Inspiring and Empowering Latinas to create happy and fulfilling lives!” What could be better than that? As a top Latina health blogger, Santiago is on a mission and she tackles tough subjects like honoring your femininity, authenticity, family legacy and ways [...] Continue Reading »