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The new chismosa (gossiper) – let’s talk about what’s right with people!


As I’ve mentioned before, I love dancing.  My absolute favorite dance is salsa, and sometimes I embark on the Salsa on 2 dance scene.  It is tremendous fun, and I have found some wonderful friends and fellow salsa lovers in the world of mambo.  Last Sunday, I went out with two dear friends, and we had an amazing time.  We danced until our feet throbbed and we laughed until our bellies hurt.  I remember at one point, I looked around [...] Continue Reading »

Are you being your best self?


To feel happy, it’s not enough to have fun with your friends, and not feel guilty about yelling all the time, and feel like you’re working in the right job; you also need to feel growth—a sense of learning, of betterment, of advancement, of contributing to the growth of others. - Gretchen Rubin There was a time when I felt stuck.  I mean, really stuck!  Like there was no way out of the life I was living.  Perhaps by many standards, [...] Continue Reading »

A Different Call to All My Latina Sisters – Seriously Still Misrepresented 2


Several weeks ago, I wrote a blog about how seriously misrepresented Latinas remain in the mainstream media after I read an article by Melissa Castillo-Garsow, titled, “Opinion: What not to love about Latinas on TV,” which provided a comprehensive overview of all the Latina characters currently on mainstream English television in the United States and what their roles portray. So, I guess I should not have been surprised when I recently received an email requesting my assistance to help spread the [...] Continue Reading »

Strategies for finding joy even when you are single!


I recently ended a relationship with a dear and wonderful person because I knew we could not move forward any further given certain circumstances in our lives. This was challenging and difficult but I knew that it was the best thing for me, and ultimately for him. We parted on loving, friendly terms, and I am certain in the long run we will both be better suited and equipped for our next relationships.  Yes, I know that all sounds lovely [...] Continue Reading »

Use intentional acts of kindness for the rest of March to boost your own happiness!


“Kindness can become its own motive. We are made kind by being kind.” – Eric Hoffer March is such an interesting month.  You never know whether it will be the month when winter brings in its final blast just to make sure you do not forget its existence, or if it will be lovely and warm like it has been this year. March is also the month when we highlight the contributions of women and social workers. As a Latina [...] Continue Reading »