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Cultural family rituals can help our well-being! How remembering my father’s salsa music and my abuela’s prayers help me flourish!

Carmen Andino Santiago - "Wella"

As Latinas, there are some things about our cultural and societal makeup that have, at times, felt diminishing and perhaps even overwhelming.  The dreadful machismo factor, for instance, that has for so long relegated our women, and for that matter, our men, into roles that do not necessarily promote their highest possibilities for happiness is once such paradigm.  On the other hand, there are other cultural practices and norms that contribute to our well-being and, ultimately, our happiness. One of [...] Continue Reading »

Aye! La Vida! Why I have to keep practicing what I preach!


¡La vida es una cosa tan bella y tan difícil! (Life is so beautiful and so difficult).  Hermanas, I’d be one big fat liar if I told you that life is always easy.  I’d be an even bigger fibber if I told you that I am always walking around in a state of euphoric perkiness.  I get hit with challenges every single day.  Some days the challenges feel daunting, like one especially critical day last week at work, when the [...] Continue Reading »

How can we use unpleasant dreams to move us towards happiness?


Our dreams can be incredibly informative.  Some cultures see dreams as a visionary prompt for guidance and even healing, while most Western contemporary societies approach dreams as documents from the unconscious mind that are shaped by our psychological state. Whether you are of the mindset that your dreams have the ability to provide you with concrete guidance or whether you believe that dreams are just unconscious babble, either notion can provide you with a powerful tool for growth. I decided [...] Continue Reading »

Is Ensuring Your Happiness a Selfish Act?


One of the most beautiful things about being Latina is a general norm in the culture to care for others and to nurture those around us. Many of us seem to be naturally inclined to give of ourselves without much thought, and while, this is can be an altruistic act that is beneficial for others, we often find ourselves depleted and drained. Find me one Latina that has not been in that position at some point in her life of [...] Continue Reading »

Seriously Still Misrepresented!


Would you agree that it is extremely disturbing that in this day and age, Latinas are still overly represented in the mainstream media as little more than sexual vixens?  As part of my ongoing blogging efforts to help Latinas flourish, I do a lot of research.  So, can you imagine how concerned I became when one day I was trying to find out how much buying power we represent in this country by typing “Latina buying power” in Google and [...] Continue Reading »